Single and Ready to

Find Real Love


Discover Your Dream Relationship

You didn’t imagine you’d being single in your late 30s or 40s. And the idea of “settling” is not an option for a long-term committed relationship. You deserve more adventure, growth and excitement in your life and in a partner.

Why Work with a Relationship Coach?

You’re a smart, successful, and kind person. You’ve got your life together. But when it comes to relationships, it still feels like you’re climbing a mountain and cannot quite see the top. It may be time to work with a coach. Whether you’re tired of dating, losing hope, or finding it difficult to commit, you can probably use the support of an expert. Together we can uncover the secrets of attracting the right partner and feeling the delicious delight of being your true self with your loving partner. You can become your fully loving and radiant self and attract the relationship of your dreams.

 After 10 years of counseling experience as a psychotherapist and a myriad of advanced training courses, I’ve learned that there’s more to finding the right partner than going on a lot of dates and picking someone “good enough”. For many of us, the key is in changing our patterns and perspective and being open to surprise and delight.

According to John Gottman PhD, contrary to what many of us have believed, it’s not sharing similar interests that make a happy couple. It is simply enjoying each other’s company, the quality of the friendship and mutual respect that are the most important aspects of a devoted loving relationship.


You can become the person that is excited to be with the man or woman of your dreams. Begin trusting your desires and feelings, and let the sparks fly! Once I purposefully made the decision to begin my journey to a loving relationship with focus and intent, it all happened pretty quickly. Yours can too. I’ve developed a unique approach to relationship coaching for singles that can take you there.

There’s no cost or obligation to schedule an introductory session. Let’s get you out of relationship limbo and fill your time with joy and delight.



Find Your Love: Get ready for the love you want!


This powerful and transformative course is designed to create significant shifts in your life and get you ready for your “one”. Together with others on the same path, the energy and power of an intentional focused group can:


  • Prepare to meet your match in a fun and creative environment.
  • Gain powerful tools and skills for dating and for a more passion filled life.
  • Gain insight, support, and encouragement.
  • Ignite your joy and inner strength.
  • Experiential activities and homework matching your comfort level.
  • Awaken your true self in a light-hearted, judgment free, confidential environment.