My Relationship Story…

Here are the basics of my relationship story… Crazy Romeo and Juliet-like love in high school > short-term singlehood > long-term monogamy> singlehood> monogamy> short-term relationship> singlehood… you get the picture.

After moving across the country for a relationship and then experiencing the devastating heartbreak that followed, I decided it was time to get myself together and do my work. The heartbreak gave me the gift of snapping my eyes open to really seeing my relationship patterns.

This began my journey to healing and clearing out the old clutter in my inner self. Once I had done the work, it didn’t take long for Mark, my husband, to show up.

Our relationship is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Not because he completes me. It was, in part, because I was complete before I met him. Our connection has given me a solid foundation on which to grow and allows me to thoroughly enjoy my beautiful life.

So, I have been there.


I have struggled in relationships. I have had no hope. 98% of the time I thought it would never happen for me. Having real devoted true love was not in my cards.

Thank goodness for the 2%. That tiny percentage of hope carried me through until I decided to really LET myself believe. 2% is all it took. I intentionally chose to believe that it would happen for me.

Now, my life is more full and amazing than I ever imagined possible, and it keeps getting better.

I want you to experience this too!

My Story

I work both one-on-one and in supportive, dynamic groups. Together we explore the great possibilities available within love and connection. 

I find my greatest joy in witnessing great transformation and growth. I look forward to assisting you to find the love you are looking for, within yourself, in relationship and in life.


Licensed Professional Counselor
10 years counseling experience
Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology
Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
Gottman-Trained Counseling Methods
CWC Coaching Certificate
Guided Hypnosis Certification
20 Years of personal development training