Getting a Fresh Start After a Break-Up

We all struggle with pain over the end of a relationship. But maybe you’ve been struggling for a longer time than friends and family think you should. Heartbreak from a recent break-up or even a divorce often leaves feelings of worry. Maybe you think there’s something wrong with you for not being able to get over it?

Start with Self Care

The time following a heartbreak is an important and special time to be gentle with yourself, heal, and integrate. Something big has shifted in your life, so take time to slow down and acknowledge it. It can be a time of great transformation.

When we are in love, a big part of those wonderful warm feelings is all of the positive energy it brings out within ourself. You get to keep that part! It is yours.



Throughout my 10 years of counseling experience as a psychotherapist and my fair share of breakups, I can tell you that one of the keys to your happiness is to start with self-love and care. I have helped hundreds of people repair and rebuild their relationships.

You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” ― Wayne Dyer


Why Work with a Relationship Coach?

The heartbreak you feel is real, but so much of that pain lies in what we tell ourselves and what we believe is true. I will hold your hand through the tough times and support your discovery of self-love. We’ll figure out why your relationship ended and identify the red flags of an unhealthy relationship.

Let your emotions happen and get through the pain

Be heard without judgement

Recognizing this as a growth event

Watch your inner judge or victim

Motivate you to make plans

Get support from friends and family


Start a new journey. You were meant to give love, and you will attract and receive love. I’ve struggled too and thought it would never happen for me, but it did when I looked deep and let my heart open again.

There’s no cost or obligation to schedule an introductory session. Let’s get you out of relationship limbo and fill your time with joy and delight.